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Willie is a pot belly pig. He was part of a neglect case in Charlotte where a couple had started out with 7 pet pigs and ​soon ​ended up with over 100! They had never spayed or neutered any of the pigs so they just kept breeding. ​The pigs were living in squalor.​ Some were inbred and were born ​with deformities, some were killed by their dogs that they left unattended​ in with the pigs.​ ​S​everal sanctuaries from up north g​ot together and took over 80 pigs to safety.​ Getting them vetted and adopted into good loving homes. The few that were left were turned over to a nearby rescue that worked tirelessly on trying to re-home the rest. before animal control was called out to euthanize them.This all happened during Covid, so many of their resources were closed, and help was extremely limited. Thankfully, we were able to help at least one little pig and change his life's story to a happy one.

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