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Our Projects

These projects would not be possible without the financial support of our Bella View Farm friends and family! Please consider making a donation to help us make these projects a reality for our current residents and future residents that are fortunate enough to make it here! All gifts are 100% tax deductible. Checks: P. O. Box 164 Franklin, NC 28734

Project 1 - Upgrading The Big Coop


Our big coop houses a variety of poultry, chickens, turkeys, guineas. A few were my originals, but most have come to us from various situations. They have a large outside area covered with aviary netting. Time, weather, and shrubbery have taken over the outside area, breaking through the netting and pulling some fence down. This is a big safety issue, as we have predators that stalk the outside run nightly. Our animals get locked up at night, but during the day they roam this area. I have seen first hand a fox walking the front fence. This is unacceptable! We need to redo their area quickly to keep them safe.

This project will cost $700 which will cover the cost of new fencing, rails, and aviary netting.

Project 2 - Relocating The Duck Area

We are relocating our ducks! They will have their very own large private area with trees and shrubs to waddle through. They will also have over 100' of stream incorporated into their area. Take about waterfront property! They have been housed with our peafowl and a male Muskovy (Cedar). Things haven't been going too well with the peafowl sharing their space and Cedar is becoming more and more aggressive towards the smaller ducks. Everything was good for a while, but things changed. So before things get totally out of hand and someone gets seriously hurt we need to get this taken care of. This new area will also allow us to save a few more lives. The cost of this project is $3,000 which covers fencing, posts, aviary netting, and housing. Please consider making a donation to help complete the new "Duckery" area.

Project 3 -Building the Baby Barn


Building of the disabled goat barn is in progress! Siding is going up, the roof shingles. This barn will be climate controlled for all the house babies to move into. We will be insulating this entire barn/house. Our insulation cost is $3,750.00. Please consider helping with this cost. It's vital for the health and comfort of our disabled babies. 

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