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About Us

I was always drawn to the animals that no one wanted. Maybe they were too old, or only had 3 legs, or one eye, or the runt, whatever it was, my heart invariably went out to them.

I always dreamed of having a farm where I could bring all the little misfits to live. Our own little world made up of happiness, kindness, and lots of love. I never thought that I would be able to do what I have always loved; care for "special" animals.


Coming from the fast paced life of NY. Me, a salon owner in the Hamptons. Greg, in the then booming real estate market. That life for us was physically, emotionally and mentally demanding, and honestly unfulfilling. A move was a welcomed and much needed change.


We bought 25 beautiful secluded acres in the mountains Of North Carolina. No neighbors, no ordinances, no noise, no passing cars, just peaceful, quiet, and untouched. We named our place Bella View Farm after one of my horses.


At the time I didn't know the path we would be going down. Life is full of surprises isn't it?

But here we are today. Taking care of special needs animals. The animals my heart was perpetually drawn to, finally I can give them the life they so deserve.


We became a non profit sanctuary in April of 2018. We are still a work in progress. With Sanctuary life there are always needs. Yes, it can be physically, emotionally, and financially demanding. We have over 80 animals in our care, but when you're doing something you love it's not's a dream come true.


Bella View Farm Animal Sanctuary has a few very dedicated and compassionate volunteers that have been here from almost the beginning. I am so extremely grateful for their time and the way they love the animals.

It's such a wonderful feeling when you're surrounded by like minded people.


Rhonda Farrell - Founder

Born with a deep love for animals, especially those in need. Rhonda gives an undeniable love to each and every animal. Her roles include recruiting volunteers, social media manager, web site maintenance, fundraising coordinator. You can also find her spending countless hours with the animals.


Greg Farrell - Co Founder

Loving the outdoors and their special needs animals as much as his wife. Greg works tirelessly maintaining the grounds. His roles include fundraising, public relations, facilities and financial manager. You can also find him spending quality time with their animals.

Volunteer with us!
We are always looking for responsible, compassionate, and dedicated volunteers to come help out!

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