About Us

A husband and wife team with a love of animals, especially those in need of extra time and attention from a disability is in our DNA. They seem to be the souls that need us the most. Whether it's a disabled chicken in a wheelchair, a horse with one eye, or a blind goat, they are welcomed with love and compassion to our farm to live out the rest of their days. We truly believe that these are the precious souls that deserve love and happiness in their life.


We are strictly funded by generous donations.

Rhonda Farrell

Born with a deep love for animals, especially those in need. Rhonda gives an undeniable love to each and every animal. Her roles include recruiting volunteers, social media manager, web site maintenance, fundraising coordinator, and tending to the plant nursery. You can also find her spending countless hours with the animals.

Greg Farrell

Loving the outdoors and their special needs animals as much as his wife. Greg works tirelessly maintaining the grounds. His roles include fundraising, public relations, facilities and financial manager, and tending to the seasonal nursery on the farm. You can also find him spending quality time with their animals.

Volunteer with us!
We are always looking for responsible, compassionate, and dedicated volunteers to come help out!

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