About Us

Tired of the NY prices, traffic and chaos it was time for a change. Greg sold real estate and Rhonda was a hair salon owner in the Hamptons...."I loved it, it was fun, but there was always something missing, it just wasn't in my heart. Animals have always been a big part of my life. I always felt at peace when I was with them."


"We wanted to find a place that our horses and animals could run and be happy. The mountains seemed to call us. After countless trips from NY to NC to look at property, it finally happened. We found the perfect piece for us. 25 acres of tranquility. A mixture of pasture, woods and beautiful views...we had found our farm. The horses loved it, the dogs could run, and the sound of nature was soul healing. We knew we were "home".


This Sanctuary is a place of healing both for the animals and people. We have a few very dedicated and compassionate volunteers that have been here from almost the beginning. I am so grateful for their time and the way they love the animals.

We run solely by volunteers and donations


Rhonda Farrell

Born with a deep love for animals, especially those in need. Rhonda gives an undeniable love to each and every animal. Her roles include recruiting volunteers, social media manager, web site maintenance, fundraising coordinator. You can also find her spending countless hours with the animals.


Greg Farrell

Loving the outdoors and their special needs animals as much as his wife. Greg works tirelessly maintaining the grounds. His roles include fundraising, public relations, facilities and financial manager. You can also find him spending quality time with their animals.

Volunteer with us!
We are always looking for responsible, compassionate, and dedicated volunteers to come help out!