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Why Donate To Us?

We firmly believe that just because an animal is disabled doesn't mean that they cannot live a full and happy life. Being born with a deformity or experiencing a life changing injury is NOT a death sentence. These sentient beings deserve a life just as you and I.


We do not adopt any of our animals out. They spend the rest of their days at BVFAS. They flourish with a routine, care, and love never to be uprooted.


We do not exploit our animals like a zoo. This is THEIR home. They live in a peaceful setting, without the influence of undue stress. We are not open to the public for this reason. *Active supporters and sponsors have access when time permits for both.


We do not have any paid staff or board members. We are solely run by generous donations and volunteers. So EVERY single cent goes towards animal care.

Partner with us at Bella View Farm Animal Sanctuary in saving lives and giving special needs animals a chance for happiness.

​We need your help to continue to provide the life saving care for special needs animals. It's your support that makes everything we do here possible for them! We are 100% donor funded and rely on your generous support to provide care, equipment, and shelter needed for these disabled babies. 

​May it be a one time donation, or a monthly subscription. A small action can make a big impact for these animals, and for the future animals of BVFAS.

We sincerely appreciate your support, because every little life deserves a chance.

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