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You will have the unique opportunity to get to know our resident animals and participate in a cause that makes a difference to disabled farm animals!

Our animals are on a very structured routine. This is the reason we need reliable and committed individuals.

 First and foremost-You must CARE

  • Being able to commit to one day a week the same day every week is extremely helpful for me, other volunteers, and the animals to know that we can count on that day being covered.

  • For the most part, the sanctuary is run by me - from caring for the babes, social media, website upkeep, and running the nonprofit.  There's only so many hours in the day to wear all these different hats and it can be incredibly exhausting that's why having regular volunteers is so helpful and appreciated. 

  • We are not a large sanctuary that has volunteers in and out throughout the day. We have a dedicated few that help with animal care and other chores. This is the reason that the animals and I depend on you for consistency, commitment, and reliability.

  • The volunteer tasks consist of cleaning our animal residents’ living areas, so there is a lot of poop and hay involved. 

  • Cleaning water bowls/troughs and filling them, discarding soiled bedding and replacing with fresh bedding, helping with bandage changes and the wheelchair goats...etc. Keeping other areas clean and organized. Each task directly contributes to the absolute best quality of care for our residents! Other related tasks may include helping other team members, etc. We need help year-round, rain or shine, so please be prepared!

  • You must have own transportation.

  • Tasks include walking, bending, and lifting. 

  • Being aware of something that may need to get done and taking the initiative to just do it on your own is a wonderful skill that I sincerely appreciate!

  • We ask that you only apply if you are truly committed and interested in volunteering. It takes a significant amount of time to train new volunteers. Those are precious hours that are taken away caring from our disabled animal residents.

  • As we invest time and energy into your training, we ask that you invest time and energy as well.

  • Please read through our mission to make sure your values align with ours.

  • Must be able to work as a team and individually.

  • No Smoking anywhere on premises

  • College students are welcome, however: 

  1.   Due to the time spent for training-we request a minimum of 25 hours to be completed.


Please understand that the sanctuary is a place for the animals. We are not open to the public for this reason. Their care, comfort and well-being are our top priority. It takes special people with compassionate hearts to care for disabled animals. 

Age Restrictions

For safety & liability purposes, all volunteers must be at least 18 years of age. (16-17 must have parents' consent)

Volunteering Tips

Boots are a must! No sandals/sneakers. Clothing is likely to get dirty, so keep that in mind when deciding what to wear. The majority of work is outside. Dress for the weather! Work gloves are also a great idea if you have them available. We always have water/beverages/snacks available.

Morning Feeder

  • Start time varies with season and days - 7:30am/8:00am until done. 

  • You will be responsible for following a checklist and putting feed together for all animal residents - this includes, but not limited to; supplements, measuring feed out, soaking pellets (where needed), adding medications (as needed), changing/cleaning water buckets. Refilling feed bins when low, gathering designated bowls after feeding and washing storing away.

  • Training Required. Training Shifts are hands-on shifts where new volunteers learn safety protocols, policies and procedures, and are shown animal care procedures by an experienced volunteer. 

Shelter Help

You will be responsible for lifting and getting the disabled goats into their wheelchairs. Typical volunteer activities include following & completing checklists in all areas this includes but not limited to; cleaning animal shelters, raking, and pasture cleaning. Lifting (30+ pounds) & walking is involved. Other cleaning duties may include, adding animal bedding, cleaning/refilling water buckets, cleaning/organizing areas, stocking hay, etc. You will have a lot of animal interaction while completing your tasks! Must be able to work as a team and as an individual. Volunteering can be physical, so expect to get your exercise in for the day! 

  • Start 8am/9am - until done.

  • Training Required. Training Shifts are hands-on shifts where new volunteers learn safety protocols, policies and procedures, and are shown animal care procedures by an experienced volunteer. 

Night Shift

 You will be responsible for the night feeding of the residents. Setting up enclosures for the evening. Topping off/changing water buckets. Setting up for areas for the morning. Getting stalls/beds ready for the evening, and locking all animals up for the night. There may be lifting/bending involved. This position depends on the light of the day and may take longer or shorter to complete. 

  • Hours change with the season and daylight.

  • Start 5pm/6pm - until done

  • Training required. Training Shifts are hands-on shifts where new volunteers learn safety protocols, policies and procedures, and are shown animal care procedures by an experienced volunteer. 


You will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the animal shelters. This includes but not limited to; dusting shelters & storage areas, clean and check wheelchairs, cleaning and putting away of feed bowls/utensils, cutting diapers, filling/restocking medical supplies up, watering plants in Chicken Alley, packing up seasonal equipment (blankets, heaters, shade cloths), topping off animal waters, maintain aisle way of barn, grooming goats and horses, changing garbage bags, sanitizing, maintain nesting boxes with fresh material, etc...

Bending/walking/reaching/light lifting involved

  • A few hours between 11am - 4pm  

If you are interested in volunteering. Please click the below link to fill out the form.

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