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Valentino (Val) and his sister were born on Valentine's Day. His sister was up and nursing right of way, but this little guy was lethargic and his momma wouldn't clean him. He was extremely small and couldn't hold his head up. After not nursing for several hours, the owners intervened and brought him inside to dry him off, get him warm, and get him a bottle. He attempted to stand several times, but could not. After checking over the baby, they saw that he had been born missing his back hooves! Less than 24 hours old, we were contacted about this baby, and he was immediately on his way to us. He has been fitted for prosthesis for his back legs and they are working out great for him. Val will need to be fitted for several pair as he grows. He is on his first pair, and will likely need 2 more when all his growing is done. Val is a happy lap goat, and he enjoys playing outside with his brothers and sisters. He doesn't know that he was born without back feet. His prosthesis help him live his best life.

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