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Baby Thor came into this world unable to stand. His previous owners tried everything within their means to help this little guy for the first 11 days of his life. He was treated for Goat Polio, Floppy Kid Syndrome, along with antibiotics, selenium, and supplements, but nothing seemed to help. Exhausting all ideas and treatments, they decided to bring him to us at Bella View Farm Animal Sanctuary and we took over his care. We continued his care under the supervision of our vet and are focusing on rehabilitating him so that he may heal and regain the ability to stand and walk again. Like a baby goat should! The first few weeks baby Thor was in our care, he had x-rays, chiropractic care on his spine and legs, supplements, and physical therapy, but he has not shown much progress. X-rays show that he may have 2 trauma points in his spine (?) and possible septicemia in his joint(?) He tries to stand, but falls limp. His will is strong, and he is growing. He has gained weight, his little horns have popped, and he has a voice when he's hungry! We just could not figure out what was wrong. We then took Thor to the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine where he received an MRI. His prognosis was not good, it showed that he was born with an abnormal brain stem, cerebellum, and brain damage. They suggested euthanasia. We decided against that and want to give this baby a chance. We know that he will never be a "normal goat", and that's ok.  He may never walk, he may always wear diapers, and that's ok. As long as this little man wants to be here, we will let him. He is definitely one of our more 'special' special needs animals, but he's so worth every moment. Baby Thor is very special, as he needs 24/7 care. He cannot walk, so his positions need to be changed throughout the day to prevent any pressure sores. He does not know how to drink, so we either sub Q him or syringe him. Wee wee pads and diapers are a necessity for him, and are always in constant need. If you ever meet this little boy, he will steal your heart.


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