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Silkie Bun-Bun


This precious little one went through a very traumatic episode, probably every birds nightmare. She had been attacked by a hawk. Her owner heard the ruckus going on and ran outside to find a hawk on top of her. The hawk had her pinned down and was pecking at her. As the owner frantically chased and screamed the hawk let go and flew away. Silkie Bun-Bun laid on the ground motionless. She thought she was dead. Her husband went to get a shovel to bury her, and as they said a pray for her little bloody lifeless body to rest in peace. Silkie Bun-Bun jumped up and ran. She had been in shock. They got her into the house, where they did the best they could for her. It looked like she did not have an eye, and she could not stand up and kept falling over. They did not want to euthanize her, but could not give her the care she needed

That's when they reached out to us.

Silkie Bun-Bun had trauma to her head, and we did not know if she had an eye or not due to the swelling and scabs on that side. She had no balance at all. She was put on antibiotics and some pain meds. After almost 2 months of healing, she can finally stand better, she still loses her balance at times, and that may never go away. After all the cleaning and swelling went away we found out that she does have 2 eyes! We're not sure if she will regain vision in that eye, but time will tell. Right now she lives in the house with Scarlett and Tack. We are hoping to transfer her and her friends to a total predator proof enclosure where she will be able to safely enjoy the outdoors.

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