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This beautiful boy is a Silky Fainting Goat and came to us from Tennessee. Rocky had a very difficult birth. He was stuck in the birth canal for far too long and had to be pulled out by his jaw and leg- the only thing to grab. In doing so, his leg was dislocated, but has since been set into place. He also has a slight neurological issue (Cerebellar Hypoplasia). We are not sure if this was caused from his difficult birth, or if in fact it is a birth defect. The part of his brain that controls activity and coordination was damaged. He cannot walk or stand on his own, as he is very off balance and uncoordinated. We work with him daily with physical therapy to help him try to find his center of balance. We are hoping that because he is so young, that he will outgrow this and  things will change for the better. If in fact this is the way he will be forever, well, that's fine too. It doesn't stop him from enjoying life and it certainly doesn't stop us from caring or loving him!

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