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Fiona is a little Katahdin breed lamb. She was born one of 3 and the only survivor of a very long and difficult birth. Baby boy number one was born dead, The second baby boy was so twisted and stuck in the birth canal, they could not get him out. Fiona came out over top of her brother, and was not expected to live. The fluid in her bag was yellow, and is supposed to be clear. She was in the birth canal for a while. Momma ewe passed away 3 hours later. Momma held on just long enough to give colostrum to her only surviving baby. Baby Fiona lost her whole family before even getting to know them. So sad and heartbreaking. She had issues with her back legs, but she is determined, and she has a strong will. She was evaluated at UT with no diagnoses. We still continued to work with her, but as she got older her mobility started to deteriorate. She can no longer support herself, but she is otherwise healthy and fine. 

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