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There once were 3 little Pekin ducklings that all grew up together. The three girls became very bonded. Ilene, Catherine, and Lizzy. Pekin ducks are considered "meat" ducks in the industry.


They all lived together in a dog kennel with out a roof. Their human thought that they were safe, but since there was no roof  or predator proofing around the perimeter they were very vulnerable.

Then the inevitable happened. Ilene went missing. A week later Catherine had been viciously attacked and was left with a gaping wound, missing a portion of the master muscle that runs down the back of her neck. Along with bite marks throughout her bill. Most likely a predator attack! Whatever got her sister, came back for more.


Her human took great care of her to heal her wounds and prevent infection. She really didn't think she would make it, but Catherine did. She's obviously a little fighter. Not wanting to risk their lives by putting them back outside into their pen. She made the decision to re-home the 2 girls, and contacted us. Of course, we agreed to take in these 2 precious little ones, and give them care and safety.

Her wound is very large and slowly healing. She may never grow feathers in that area again, but it could have been worse... a lot worse. Catherine and Lizzy stick closely together.

We were told that Catherine was always the dominate one, and she may have been trying to protect her sister Lizzy. Lizzy was totally unharmed.

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