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In her first mommas words:

"Penelope was born on a cold morning in mid November 2023. She was one of twins and a mother rejected both. Sadly, the other twin did not make it. We brought Penelope into the house, cleaned her up and placed her a dog bed with a heating pad. We milked the mama goat and  fed Penny with a medicine dropper at first. She accepted it so well we graduated to her to a bottle. We milked, the mama for several days. Penelope did not attempt to stand and we didn’t push it because we were just trying to get her nourishment at this point After a couple of days it was obvious something was wrong we kept trying to get her to stand.  Finally made a sling for her to stand in . All we knew to do was just feed and change her. I was her mommy the only one she knew she knew my voice. I loved her. Oh, but realized there wasn’t a way for me to care for her. I began searching for rescues. I was referred to Bella View Farm Animal Sanctuary and Rhonda so graciously accepted her. My friend Joni, and I drove from North Mississippi to North Carolinas her forever home."

When Penelope arrived at Bella View Farm she was taken to UGA for an evaluation. Her prognosis was that she has a deformed spinal area in her neck, which is preventing her from being able to use her legs properly. She is otherwise healthy and in no pain. Penelope doesn't know that she's different. She is just living life.

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