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Magick is our beautiful India Blue Pied Peacock. He showed up walking down the driveway one day at our farm and never left. We feel that he was most likely just dropped off or let loose. He used to roost in the trees at dusk, and every morning I would call for him and he would appear. Since we have so many different types of predators here, we made him an enclosure to keep him safe. I was so worried that something would happen to him before we had it done. He and his friends have since gotten a larger outdoor enclosure. Complete with flight netting and even a small stream. I just adore him. His iridescent colors are so magickal.

Did you know that a male is called a Peacock, a female is called a Peahen, and a baby is called a Peachick?

By becoming a full sponsor for Magick you will not only have a warm and happy heart knowing that you are helping him, but you will also receive special benefits for your support: A personal thank you card, along with a certificate of sponsorship and photo of your sponsored animal.

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