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Sage & Willow


Sage and Willow were born here at the Sanctuary.​​ You see it was their mom Momma Nell that was the special needs goat that we took in.​​ Momma Nell had been viciously attacked by a dog, and left unable to walk​​. ​​At the time it was unknown that she was pregnant as her former human thought that she had miscarried during the attack. ​​Not long after Momma Nell came to us, we confirmed that she indeed was pregnant. We worked with the best we could. Getting her up into a harness to prevent bloat or pneumonia was a daunting task. As her belly and udders were getting larger. It was becoming increasingly difficult for her to be comfortable.​​ ​​I was in constant fear of losing her or the babies.

On March 17 2021, she blessed us with twins! Even though Nell couldn't stand or walk, she nursed and took care of her girls. 3 weeks later, Momma Nell passed away, leaving her twins and myself in total shock and broken-hearted.

​For 3 beautiful months I was honored to be a part of her life. There was something so very special about Nell. She was a gentle soul that made you feel at peace when you were in her company. I spent many, many hours in the barn just laying with her, promising her​ I would help her take care of her babies.

Sage and Willow are naturally polled (no horns) and have their momma's beautiful eyes, and her beautiful nature. They are not special needs, but they are indeed special.​

Momma Nell.jpg
Momma Nell & the twins.jpg
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