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Two Socks

Two Socks was in an extremely bad situation, in need of immediate rescue! He had been tied to a trailer hitch with no shelter that resulted in such severe rain rot that his skin was infected, bleeding and literitly pealing off of his back in sheets. He was severely emaciated from not having access to pasture or regular feedings. He also had dislocated his knee at one point and it fused back into a different position, leaving him with a huge calcified knee! The pain this poor guy must have went through is unimaginable. The owners were arrested on a drug bust, that's how Two Socks was found and rescued. So many things against him and a comprised immune system made recovery even more life threatening for him. All this abuse, mistreatment, and neglect and this guy still had the will to survive and give love. I suppose he knew something better was coming for him. So his will, was our fight. His road to recovery would be long one. He would get regular gentle cleanings to get the rain rot bacteria under control along with antibiotics to heal. Slow and consistent hourly re-feeding program to regain some weight. X-rays of his knee showed a old dislocation that calcified into a different position. One will never know what he ever endured for that to happen and heal the way it did. After a year long process, he's a happy boy! His back still shows the scars of his old life, and he needs regular baths with medicated shampoo help to keep any recurrence away. He now has his own large cozy stall to come into for any heavy rains. His weight has to be on the light side due to his knee - which will never be normal, but he gets around just fine. Our Farrier takes great care and patience when trimming him due to his limited mobility of his leg. "Socks" as we call him gets a warm winter blanket on those bitter cold winter days. He has lost a few teeth and it takes him a little longer to eat. So he comes into his stall to eat his special mash (or Phoenix will eat it!)

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