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Visit The Sanctuary

Although our sanctuary is always open to rescues, visits are are scheduled and by appointment only.

Must be pre-registered to attend.






Tours are restricted to adults, and children 10 years and older.

However, we generally offer monthly public fundraising events and

all ages are welcome to attend.

Our rescued animals thrive in a serene environment and are very conscious

of noise levels. BVFAS reserves the right to ask any visitors to leave the

premises immediately if we feel they are stressing our animals.


What does the visit consist of?

When you visit us, you will get introduced to the animals

and hear their stories of how they came here. Some interaction

with certain animals is a plus! Be prepared to walk in the open air!

When can I visit?


Spots are limited.

Visit our EVENTS page to reserve your spot.


We are not open for tours during the month of August.

Unless we are closed for an event/emergency.


How long does it take?

They generally take about an 1 hour - 1 1/2+ hours

How much does it cost?

At this time, we do not formally charge for a tour, but we do request a donation,

which is GREATLY appreciated.

All donations are 100% tax deductible, and it all helps the animals with the

specific care that each one needs.

Can I feed the animals?

Many of our animals are on special diets, so please do not feed any food

to the animals at the sanctuary.

Can I bring my dog?

We love dogs, but free range farm animals and unfamiliar dogs do not mix!

For the safety and comfort of both our rescued animals and your dog,

dogs are not allowed on sanctuary grounds. Further, for the safety of all dogs,

it is our policy not to allow dogs to remain unattended in cars on our property.

Temperatures can quickly rise to dangerous levels inside cars.

Should I bring anything?
Close toed-shoes/boots only are permitted in pasture interaction.
No smoking anywhere on premises
No pets - this is for the safety of our animals and yours.

Bring your camera or video! Make memories!

Please do share them on our social media pages as well as with your friends & family. Tag us!!

Please do not bring treats, as most of our animals are on special diets.

*We do not have public restrooms.



BVFAS is not responsible or liable for any lost, stolen or damaged property including, but not limited to clothing and cameras. If you bring it into our pens, it is entirely at your own risk.






The sanctuary is home to the animals, it's their refuge, and safe place. We ask that all visitors treat them with respect and courtesy.   To ensure our animals do not get stressed or anxious our tour groups are small and offer time with the animals in a calm and safe environment. Spending time among them often creates special and moving experiences.


For the safety of our animals and yours, companion animals are not allowed at bvfas Please do not leave companion animals inside your vehicle as temperatures can reach dangerous levels quickly out here, even with the windows open.


*Please wear appropriate clothing for being outdoors (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen) and closed toes shoes.

Private Tours:

Book a private tour and hug a donkey, pet a horse, kiss a goat and give belly rubs to the piggies!

Private tours are available with a minimum donation of $175 and a 6 person maximum per group. Please message or email us at  to discuss your date.


please understand that we are a farm sanctuary with special needs animals. Any time taken away from our regular duties and the animals must be beneficial to the sanctuary.


Due to time ​limitations and demand, we unfortunately are unable to give everyone a tour. Our tour minimum is 10 people with a $15 donation for each person. Groups smaller than ten would need to make a minimum donation of $150 to meet the same requirements of a larger group.​ ​

We understand the inconvenience. However, ​we ​are​ very busy caring for our residents, and any time we take away from our regular duties ​and the animals ​needs to be beneficial to the sanctuary.

The good news is that we generally have public days at least once a month for fundraising events and all are welcome to attend and meet the residents! Check our events calendar for upcoming public events, located on both our Facebook page and the EVENTS tab above.




No smoking anywhere on premises

Do not litter

No dogs allowed on premises

No climbing on farm equipment

No climbing on fences

No entering animal enclosures

No feeding of the animals

No running or yelling

No public restrooms

Children must be 10 yrs. & older

Thank you!

We are an active rescue.

We reserve the right to cancel tours for emergencies, inclement weather, or extreme heat.

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