Tonto is such a great horse with a beautiful face! His previous owner thought so too. A perfect gentleman on the trails, he's been all over Du Pont Ga. trail riding giving his owner the joy of a well behaved horse. A dream horse, but as Tonto aged, and arthritis started taking it's toll on those joints. He would have difficulty on those long trail rides, and wouldn't bounce back as quick as he used to for the next day. Therefore, he was no longer useful for those long trail rides, and a new horse took his place. He had been tethered to a tree with an old dog cable and ignored! Feedings were not as frequent as they used to be for him. It was like he was forgotten. After several calls were received about a "skinny horse tied to the side of a mountain" and animal control was dispatched. When Tonto was finally rescued, he was severely underweight, and had severe infected wounds around all four legs. The dog cable from which he was tied was worn and old. As he paced and stretched for what little grass he could find, the cable that had tangled around his legs would painfully cut into his skin. As the grass became more, and more out of reach, the more the cable would cut into his skin.  The will to eat and survive was stronger than the pain he would feel in his legs. He was pitiful, neglected, confused, emaciated, and in pain. He couldn't understand what he did wrong to be mistreated like that. His whole life he was a faithful friend, only to be broken by someone he trusted most!

Today, Tonto is lovingly dubbed 'Tubby Tonto'. The wounds on his legs have since healed, and the scars left behind from the cable are now covered with white hairs as a visual reminder of his previous life. However, emotional scars last longer. We are always reassuring him how loved he is, and we will never leave him. Unfortunately, his past took a toll on his health. He gets occasional bouts of IBS, and supplements for his joints. he is the sweetest soul. Even though he's an older gentlemen, he still enjoys a light walk around the farm.

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