Animals of Bella View Farm Sanctuary are in need of caring people like you to sponsor their monthly feed, shelter and care costs.

When you choose to become a full care monthly sponsor to a piggy you will be helping to provide quality feed, straw for bedding, and healthy veggie & fruit snacks.

With your tax deductible $30.00 full monthly sponsorship you will receive a beautiful color personal thank you photo-card of your sponsored friend along with other goodies, and frequent personal updates. You can also schedule visits to the farm to spend some quality time with them.

Whether it be $5, $10 a month - every bit helps the piggy!


Our first little piggy here at the sanctuary. We were contacted about Peanut, a baby pot belly, who came to us from a 2 leg transport from Indiana! She was born with a deformed front leg, and nothing had been done for her. She had never seen a vet, and was kept outside. Once she was in our hands, she went right to the vet, and her diagnosis was that that little leg, just never grew. As she gets older she may likely develop arthritis and need a prosthetic. For now she gets around pretty good on 3 legs, but we pay special attention to her weight. She is the cutest, sweetest little piggy! She just loves belly rubs, assorted veggies, and interactive play balls stuffed with Cherios!

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