Animals of Bella View Farm Sanctuary are in need of caring people like you to sponsor their monthly feed, shelter and care costs.

When you choose to become a full care monthly sponsor to a bun you will be helping to provide quality feed, bedding, timothy hay, and healthy veggie snacks.

With your tax deductible $20.00 full monthly sponsorship you will receive a beautiful color personal thank you photo-card of your sponsored friend, along with other goodies, and frequent personal updates. You can also schedule visits to the farm to spend some quality time with them.

Whether it be $5, $10 a month - every bit helps the bunnies!


These two bunnies are a bonded pair of sisters that came to us from Florida. Nilla has 3 legs. We were told that she had broken her back leg at one point and it was casted incorrectly. When the cast came off, it was realized at that time that it had been too tight! Leaving her leg with no blood supply for weeks. From that her whole leg needed to be amputated. In spite of only having 3 legs she gets around quite well. Nilla loves interactive toys, and possibly a play tunnel for her and her sister to hide in.

Nilla is such a pretty girl with those blue eyes. Don't you agree?


These two bunnies are bonded sisters that came to us from Florida. Oreo is the more curious of the two, but if you sit in their enclosure a bit, both will come up and check you out.

While at Bella View Farm Animal Sanctuary they would very much like toys and treats to chew on and keep them busy. Perhaps a tunnel would be fun too, to hide and play in.

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