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Tack is a rescued a "meat" turkey who seemed to suffer from neurological damage after being severely bullied by the other turkeys and kept out of the shelter on a very cold night. She had mobility and balance issues but was improving steadily, until a few days later she had taken a turn for the worse, and was on oral anti-inflammatory and pain meds. Since this was the time of Covid, most northern sanctuaries were either short staffed or closed. This is when her human contacted us.

Tack and her human drove 2 days together from Massachusetts to NC to get her here to us!! Now that's love and dedication.

From the original bullying, Tack had gotten a bacterial infection that turned into a respiratory infection leaving a tear in her air sac. Since poultry have air sacs throughout their body, the infection settled in her leg which affected her ability to walk. Unfortunately, the damage cannot be fixed. We have made her a wheelchair to help with her getting around, and lately she has been taking steps unassisted.

Tack is one of the lucky turkeys. Her type is typically bred to grow fast to be slaughtered at only 14-16 weeks old.


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