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We were contacted about this little Rhode Island Red hen that was about 4 months old. She couldn't stand or walk, she had been handed off from person to person until the last one said that he was"just going to grow her out and then cull her". When we got her, we could see just what a mess she really was. She was extremely thin, I could feel her breast bone when I held her. How someone would just fatten her up just to kill her is beyond me! A vet visit confirmed that she was on the thin side and needed to gain some weight. Her right leg sticks straight out to the back. It had been dislocated at one point and healed completely turned around backwards, missing a nail as well. This leg is useless to her. Her other leg had contracted toe tendons (curled toes). Unfortunately, it was something that could have been fixed when she was a little chick, but it was too late to fix at 4 months old. She has since lost the use of that leg as well. I was told her lifespan may not be as long as a normal chicken, but we're in this for the long haul. She has a chair that she sits in during the day to keep the weight off of her legs. Her own food and water dishes that are endlessly full. Her own mini pool that is filled with dirt for her to dust bathe in. Whatever time she has with us, will be the best for her. She will know nothing but love and compassion.

By becoming a full sponsor for Scarlett you will not only have a warm and happy heart knowing that you are helping her, but you will also receive special benefits for your support: A personal thank you card, along with a certificate of sponsorship and photo of your sponsored animal.

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