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Sasha & Rudy

We had been contacted about Rudy, he was diagnosed with Listeriosis a bacteria that enters the brain and can be fatal. He was initially treated for the disease, but there 7 days that need follow up medication. His human was going through a loss of her own and was unable to give Rudy his shots correctly. The disease lingered in his system, causing blindness, imbalance and loss of appetite. It was pretty crucial that to save this boy we needed to get him here quickly. We were told that he had a sister (Sasha), but she can get placed elsewhere. The two of them have been together for 6 years!! How could I separate them? Rudy was deathly ill, being uprooted from everything he was familiar with. Nope! They both came here. Rudy's recovery was a long one. First, we had to find Penicillin! No one had it, even the vet offices would not give me a supply! This is the ONLY medication that will break through the blood barrier in the brain to kill the bacteria.

Finally 2 different Tractor Supply stores in Ga had it in stock. Greg drove over 2 hours to get the bottles that Rudy needed to save his life.

Two weeks of Pen G injections, along with B Complex, hand feeding (he was very thin), and standing him up. The breakthrough came, when his eyesight came back! I'm so glad he had his sister with him and didn't have to be alone.

​Well, Rudy has made a full recovery and he and his sister room with the "girl gang" at the goat barn. He is the most gentle and sweet little old man. Miracles can happen.​

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