We don't know all the details of Rue's story, but he was born sometime in the early afternoon. There was no mother in sight and he was in with a herd of 13 adult sheep that were kicking him away. Literally smashing his newborn body into a gate. The owner found him wet and crying and brought him inside. At this point he was unable to walk, and was very weak.

We were contacted about this baby and sent a video of him trying to walk. When we watched the video, we knew there was something not right with this baby. It was absolutely heartbreaking! We knew that he did not have colostrum, but it was something more than that. he walks on his fetlocks and his legs seem abnormally long. We needed to get this baby ASAP, and we did!


His diagnoses thus far: The cornea in his left eye had been damaged, and at this time he cannot see out of it. Leg x-rays showed no bone deformities, but when you picked him up, his little legs just hang like noodles. His head is a little malformed leading to believe possible neurological issues. He is suspected of having an inherited neuro-muscular disease  or congenital progressive muscular dystrophy. This can be from inbreeding, which was confirmed by the owner. This little boy has a long road ahead of him.

We are treating him with selenium and supplements for his muscles. We still start physical therapy with him shortly. We don't know what the long term prognosis will be, but I do know that he is going to have every chance for the best life possible.

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