Romeo is a Boer breed goat. These breeds are called "meat goats" as they are slaughtered for their meat. I guess Romeos disability was actually a blessing for him. He was the only survivor from 4 siblings. He was born severely deformed in his hind end. He was 10 days old when we were notified that he was to be euthanized, as his owners could not care for his special needs. His legs are contracted very similar to Leighas, but opposite. He has a few deformed vertabrae in his back resulting in Kyphosis. His front legs work, but we have to splint them as they are contracted. Once he is done growing, we may no longer have to splint his legs. As he grows, we are keeping a vigilant eye that his rumen will start working. When babies are born with deformities, there are so many factors that are against them, besides their obvious complications. You never know what lies beneath the surface that we can't see. Romeo will need constant care to tend to his needs. Since he cannot walk, we have to pay close attention that he does not get any sores on his legs, along with frequent cleanings to prevent poopie build up.

Babies like Romeo are very much a challenge, but are so worth the extra time and effort to see them grow and live life.

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