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Phoenix, previously known as Domino #458. He was rescued from an auction feedlot where horses are routinely bought by kill buyers for slaughter. We saw him and needed to get him out of there. He was in such terrible shape, we weren't even sure if he was going to make it, but we sure as hell were going to try. With the help of some compassionate supporters we were able to get immediate transport out of that situation, and into quarantine. He was emaciated at approximately 200+ pounds underweight, in need of dental care, limping in his hind quarters, and we had no known previous history so we didn't know what to expect from his recovery. So many things could go wrong when re-feeding the starved horse. He could colic, or develop cardiac problems, respiratory, kidney or other long-term health issues from his body being so depleted of nutrition for so long. But one look into his eyes and you knew his will was strong and we were determined. It was a long, slow process, but after he made it through the crucial 2 weeks of his re-feeding program, we knew he was going to win this fight. His teeth were so worn down that we could only estimate his age. Worn down from chewing on wood, metal, anything that might relieve his hunger pains from being starved for so long! Regular visits from our vet helped keep track of his progress. As weeks of hourly feedings turned in to months, with longer intervals we knew he was going to be able to pull through. Now, at 16.1 hands and a good weight he is a beautiful gentle giant that so deserves all the happiness life can offer. He occasionally has a limp that we easily manage with medication, and he is prone to abscesses in his feet, probably from his previous history of being malnourished. We are so very, very thankful for all the support in his rescue both financially and physically. It was a team effort by all. 

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