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Our first little piggy here at the sanctuary! Peanut is was a baby when she arrived to us. A little pot belly roughly 3 months old. She was located in Indiana and was transported to us in 2 legs. She was born with a little deformed front leg, and nothing had been done for her. She had never been taken to a vet, and was kept outside in a kennel. Once she was in our hands, she went right to the vet, and her to see if there was anything that could be done for that little deformed leg. Unfortunately, there is nothing. She gets around quite nicely on 3 legs. She is on a special diet as to not put too much weight on. As she gets older she may likely develop arthritis and need a prosthetic. She is the cutest, sweetest little piggy! She just loves belly rubs and being doted over. She loves her assorted veggie platters that get made for her, and interactive play toys to keep her active.


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