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Meet Peach. Peach and her herd mates went through a horrific ordeal.

They all had been attacked by dogs in the early hours. Her humans were awaken by the noise and ran out to find this massacre going on. There were 2 dogs that ran out, but not before terrorizing these babies. Some were already passed, some were in shock, but there were numerous injuries. Peaches wasn't found until the next morning when the humans went out to try to rationalize what had happened. She was found way down the field and left for dead, until they saw her ear twitch. Rushed back to the barn, she was in shock and could not move her back legs. The vet administered medications and hoped for the best. Her brother had passed from shock.

We were called the next day about her and the situation, and immediately agreed to take her in. Whether she would make it and be paralyzed or it be hospice care, we would make her as comfortable as possible.


She made it through the night and the next day we made another vet visit for x-rays. No fractures in the spine...but there is spinal damage. Time will tell to what extent the damage is. She also had teeth wounds on either side of her body, one side was already starting to abscess. She has no control of urination, so she dribbles. She must be kept with Desitin/Vaseline at all times, at least as much as possible, to prevent urine scaled. Not an easy task for a little goat that can't walk, but we make it work.

We don't know if she will ever regain the use of her back legs, but if not she will have a forever home with the other 4 wheelers here at the sanctuary.

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