Animals of Bella View Farm Sanctuary are in need of caring people like you to sponsor their monthly feed, shelter and care costs.

When you choose to become a full care monthly sponsor to a peacock or peahen you will be helping to provide quality feed, pine shaving and straw bedding, and healthy veggie & fruit snacks.

With your tax deductible $20.00 full monthly sponsorship you will receive a beautiful color personal thank you photo-card of your sponsored friend, along with other goodies, and frequent personal updates. You can also schedule visits to the farm to spend some quality time with them.

Whether it be $5, $10 a month - every bit helps the peafowl!


Magick is our beautiful India Blue Pied Peacock. He showed up one day at our farm and never left. We most likely feel that someone just dropped him off. Not many like peafowl due to the noise, the droppings...

We just adore him. He's no noisier than the guineas, and not messy at all, but then, we are a different type of people here at the sanctuary. I'm just thankful that we had an empty stall available for him. There are many predators here in the mountains, and he would be an easy target. Peafowl are not fast at taking flight.

Magic just loves raw peanuts, Meal Worms & Sun Worms

Did you know that a male is called a Peacock, a female is called a Peahen, and a baby is called a Peachick?

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