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His story will always amaze me!! Noah's moat ma died, and his previous owners did not know that a baby goat needs "colostrum" within 12 hours of birth to jump start their immune system, or that they were suppose to dip his navel in iodine to prevent bacteria from entering into his bloodstream. From this Noah developed a life threatening case of "joint ill" from bacteria entering through the navel, and traveling throughout his body in the bloodstream. Noah was in Kansas City, a 2 day trip from us. We saw this baby needed help, but we are so far away that I didn't think it even possible. I was hoping that another closer rescue would be able to help him, but fate had a different path for Noah. I still to this day do not know how this all came together, but there was a wonderful family in KS that would be traveling to Asheville NC for a family reunion. They saw his post on social media and decided to help bring Noah home! They had a 2 day road trip ahead of them along with their 2 children. We met them during the night at a designated spot and made the swap. This wonderful compassionate family still brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. Some people can be so amazing.

The very next day he had a vet visit. His knee was flushed several times. An x-ray showed some bone abnormalities, as the infection was possibly reaching his bone. He may possibly lose a leg!! Another visit 2 hours away to UGA. where they again flushed his knees and put drains in them. At home here, we flushed his knee several times a day, along with several heavy duty antibiotic injections. I did NOT want this baby to lose a leg! Many, many weeks of around the clock care paid off for us. We got all of the pus infection out and his knee was starting to heal on it's own. Additional x-rays showed that the infection (thankfully) did not get into his bone. For some reason Noah was truly meant to be here with us, and I will always be thankful to his "transport family", and all who stepped up to share his need for help.


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