Reece is an Alpine breed goat and he came to us around the same time Noah did - they are best buds. The owner of a goat farm here in NC was nice enough to reach out to us because he had a little buck born with a crooked neck. Only a few hours old, Greg made the 2 hour trip after work to Black Mountain to pick up this little guy. he was so small and so adorable. Reece was born with a born with a bone deformity called "kyphosis", (hunchback in humans) not to be confused with "torticollis" which is a muscle issue that can fixed with a brace. Reece has several vertebra that are triangular shaped causing his neck to curve. We were told a brace would not fix this, as it's the bones not the muscle. In humans they operate and put pins in to straighten the spine. Goats do not handle anesthesia very well. It's extremely risky. I didn't want to risk something far worse happening to him than a crooked neck! He is an active little boy that just sees the world from a different view. As he gets older, he is getting a little clumsy due to some muscle atrophy that we were told would happen. I am forever thankful to the creamery for calling us. Reece is so cuddly and affectionate, and he is becoming such a beautiful boy. I don't think that they know they are different, but I do feel they know that they are loved and cared for.

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