Nilla came to us from Florida along with her sister Oreo. These two bunnies are a bonded pair of sisters. Nilla however has 3 legs. We were told that she had broken her back leg at one point and it was casted incorrectly. After several weeks went by and when it was time for the cast to come off, there was a shocking outcome. Apparently the cast was put on too tight, leaving her leg with no blood supply for all that time! Unfortunately, due to  the "mistake" her whole leg was useless and full of dead tissue, and she needed a full amputation of that back leg.

Thankfully, Nilla made a full recovery and in spite of only having 3 legs she gets around quite well. Nilla is very submissive and loves her sister Oreo. She loves running around in her pen and chewing/destroying all her toys. She has even been spotted on top of her house!

Nilla is such a pretty girl with those blue eyes. Don't you agree?

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