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Mongo is a La Mancha breed with elf ears. He was born with contracted front legs, his left being the worst of the two. His previous humans tried splinting several times. His right front leg is better but he could never fully straighten it. Unfortunately, he has lost the use of his left leg, it is fully contracted now. He gets around just fine, but he has started to retain fluid in his knees. Being in an area where vets do not treat "livestock", they were told to euthanize. He is 7 months old and plays, eats, and is completely healthy, except for his special need. Not wanting to even consider euthanasia, they went on a quest to find him help knowing that he would need more than they could give him. They made the decision to make the journey from Northern Illinios to Knoxville TN where they met our transport. Mongo is now "home" here at Bella View. Mongo may be a future candidate for either surgery to release that tendon if it is in fact not fused, or a possible prosthesis for that leg.

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