Maude is a little Polish hen. When she was just a young girl, she had been viciously attacked by another bird or birds. She came to us in bad shape, exposed flesh, a dislocated jaw, and in shock. We immediately went to work flushing her wounds and applying antibiotics. She went into our make-shift ICU chicken area (the house). Her wounds were cleaned daily. Since her jaw had been dislocated from the attack. I had to gently hand feed and give her water through a medicine dropper because she could not open her mouth. Little droplets of food and water that she would lick with her tongue. I did this many times throughout the day. Antibiotics were applied daily to her wounds to ward off any infection. Medication and supplements were also given to help with any pain and to keep her strength up. I wasn't really sure she was going to pull through. As long as she kept trying I was too. After several weeks of this she started to come around. When she tried to eat by herself, that's when I  knew she was going to make it! She never gave up. Today she is a feisty little hen that thinks she's just like everyone else. She's a little bald and a little crooked, but she is able to eat and drink on her own just fine. I have even witnessed her even get a worm!!! Took her a while, but she did it! Due to her disability, Maude can never be integrated into the regular flock and must live in a separate area. Not alone - she rooms with the little Silkies, or I should say "rules" the little Silkies.

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