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We wanted a guardian animal for the goats. There are so many predators here in the mountains and we needed all our kids to be safe. We ended up choosing a donkey, a "jenny" to be exact. Maggie was only 2 months old when we brought her home from Tennessee in my lap in the back of my Expedition. So adorable, that we probably spoiled her more than we should have. Maggie has several special needs:

She wants ALL the attention!

She thinks she's a goat!

She has no respect for personal space!

At times she still thinks she can get into your lap!

She does not know how to bray!

She sleeps inside with the goats!

I have 3 times been alerted by the GUINEAS about a coyote at the top fence line, and one time a fox was taking a break at the lower fence line, that again the GUINEAS alerted me to.

All these incidents Maggie was inside the goat barn lounging in front of the fans! With all that being said, we do love her to pieces and she can be quite entertaining.


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