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Meet Lucy Lu. This little piggy girl was dumped in the words in a crate, with a bag of food, and a blanket next to it! The door of the crate was open (so nice of them to consider that!)

She was found in the early morning hours by a wonderful gentleman as he was looking for wood. She was burrowed in the leaves next to her crate and was covered in frost, that night it had been in the teens!!! At first, he had thought she was dead, until he walked closer and she grunted. 


With that, he scooped her up and brought her to his home. He and his equally wonderful wife warmed her up, made a spot for in their garage, fed her gave her a warm bowl of water and made her as comfortable as they new how.

They reached out, with no luck, to several places that were either full or closed due to Covid. When she called me and told me the situation, I said I would help try to place her. We were still trying to get the fence done for Willie and Peanut to finally get into their own pen.

But....I couldn't stop thinking about her, so..... well I guess you can figure out the rest.

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