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Louie from Louisiana! Louie is a Pigmy goat breed and this poor little guy was stepped on by a farm pig when he was just a few days old. Their vet told them numerous times to euthanize, as there was "nothing that could be done", and "it's just a goat". Reluctant to do this, they reached out to us at BVFAS for help. Louie had a 2 leg transport to get him to us, a big road trip for a baby! Our vet took x-rays and they showed that there was indeed damage to his spine, but nothing life threatening. We have been working with Louie, and so far he has gotten some feeling back and can wag his tail, but there is no motor activity in his back legs right now....and there may never be.

We are still hopeful, but it will take time and if by chance he will not walk again, well that's ok too. He actually gets around quite well in his 2 wheeled cart. Louie has the biggest personality. If you ever have the chance to meet him you will know why we call him Louie the Lunatic!

Become a sponsor for Louie for only $35 a month and receive special benefits for your support: A personal thank you card, along with a BVFAS  magnet/sticker, and personal updates. After 1 year of sponsorship you will also have access to a private tour for you and a guest.

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