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Lolly is a sweet, gentle soul. A Kiko breed, and a small girl for that particular breed. "She was born with a genetic and rare disease called dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa. This is characterized by cutaneous and mucosal fragility resulting in blisters and superficial ulcerations that develop below the lamina densa of the cutaneous basement membrane and that heal with significant scarring and milia formation. In other words, she is susceptible to getting ulcers/sores in her mouth, eyes, and hooves.

Her hooves get tender and the hoof wall peels off." What we have witnessed with Lolly's illness is that she will get a little tender footed at times, along with a bit itchy. When she scratches herself, she in turn will get a boo boo.


There is no cure for what she has, just supportive care and pain management. Since being with us, we have started her on several vitamins and supplements made into a mash and added to her food. We wrap her feet with medication bandages and vet wrap as needed. We are also researching on how to keep these outbreaks to a bare minimum. Despite her issues, it's clear that Lolly is flourishing in her new life with her friends. She has been seen playing "goat games" with her friend Leigha.


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