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We received a call from someone that had Levi and needed him to go to a place where he could be helped. Levi was born unable to use his back legs. Although this family loved Levi, they did not know what to do for him. When we got this little boy, his back legs were crossed, one hip protruded out more than the other, he had dropped fetlocks, and he had an eye condition that was being treated with Neosporin.

I gave Levi a little time to settle into his new routine and new surroundings. Then in a wheelchair he went. He did not know how to move. We took it slow. I vet-wrapped his hind leg in a more natural position to try to stretch the tendon. Treated his eye with the correct medicine, and worked on strengthening those fetlocks.

As time passed with daily therapy, he started to learn how to move himself forward in the wheelchair. More time and his leg started to hang in the correct position. Now, Levi no longer uses a wheelchair! He walks on his own, and his fetlocks are strengthening. He does not have sight in the one eye, but he may see shadows. Levi is one of our little miracles here at the Sanctuary.

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