Hope was horrifically attacked by a donkey when she was just a week old. She was shaken back and forth and then released hitting the barn wall. We were told she was walking for a couple of days after the attack, but then no longer could and when she did she was very unsteady dragging all for knuckles as she struggled to walk. I'm assuming as the swelling started to go down that's when the damage was becoming more noticeable. She was never taken to a vet, "because they didn't think she was going to make it anyway". A couple of weeks later, we were contacted and accepted her right away. X-rays showed that she had a crushed vertebra in her neck!!

As she is growing, her bones are also growing and in turn are collapsing the crushed vertebra. We have been working hard on getting her to walk again, no matter how awkward looking it may be. Hope has good days, and not so good days. We just take it day by day.

Due to her still growing, that vertebra is collapsing so we have a bit of a setback again. We got through the last one six months ago. She’s fighting to get through it again.

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