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Little Harry is just full of personality, and you can't help but fall in love with this little guy, especially when he wiggles those lips to give you some lovin'. At first glance you don't notice his "forever wink". Harry had squamous cell carcinoma of the corneal surface of his right eye, (cancer). He was surrendered to us by his previous owners that could no longer care for him and his condition. Harry's eye needed to be removed, due to the severity and irritation it was causing his eye. If left untreated, the cancer would just spread even more, and possibly to other areas of his body.

Here at Bella View Farm Animal Sanctuary, we were able to give Harry the treatment that he needed. Treatment was to surgically remove his eye to avoid any new growth or possibly have it metastasize to other parts of his body. The first few weeks of Harry's arrival, we let him get accustomed to his new surroundings, his new pasture mates, a new routine, and us before surgery was scheduled. He seemed to settle in here in no time. Which made his surgery and recovery go much more smoothly. Being a "mini", like most minis, he is also prone to Founder which requires him to be stalled more frequently and to wear a grazing muzzle to limit his grass intake. Foundered horses are unable to break down the high sugar fructans produced by rapidly growing grass that stimulates an overgrowth of bacteria in the horse’s large intestine. The bacteria produce and release toxins (endotoxins) that are carried by the bloodstream to the foot where they cause damage to the laminae and small blood vessels. He has since been diagnosed with insulin resistance. Which requires a hay only diet which must be soaked first to pull out the sugars and starches that he is unable to digest. He is on several daily supplements, and wears special boots that are designed to give him support and comfort. he must wear a grazing muzzle to limit his grass intake when he is periodically turned out onto pasture. It may sound like a lot has to be done for him, but really not. No different than a person that has a few issues that need to be kept under control to live a good life.

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