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Little Greta is a Nigerian Dwarf. She was a very sickly little girl, coming from not such a nice place. She couldn't stand for long and had many health issues. Greta would fall over and pass out, She had little to no energy. Her little brother didn't make it. Her rescuer looked after her the best she could for several months.  Taking her to several different veterinarians for some sort of diagnoses. Nothing ever came of those visits. After almost losing her several times, she was finally diagnosed by Florida State University with a heart murmur. Her caregiver made the difficult decision to reach out to a sanctuary that could give Greta a "goat life" (she lived in an apartment) and was directed to us. She is the tiniest little ball of fire. There is no keeping this girl down, and she absolutely loves her goat family. Especially her sisters - the twins Sage and Willow. Greta may grow out of her heart murmur with time. She gets checked out by our veterinarian every 6 months. So far she has showed no signs of illness. She has never passed out, and has more energy than me!

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