Special Needs Goat House

You can help us make a difference in the lives of special needs farm animals. Giving them a second chance to live life to the fullest. They do not know that they are handicapped, or that they may have been born different. They just want to be loved, cared for and live life. That's what we do here at Bella View Farm Animal Sanctuary. It doesn't matter that some may need 24/7 care, or maybe supportive care until they cross the Rainbow Bridge. What matters is that they are happy and loved, and allowed to live their best life.


Your gift will help us accomplish this special place for them. This will be a climate controlled special needs 20 x 40 goat house. This will allow our handicapped animals to to have a safe indoor sleeping area (much like they have in my house right now).


An indoor area to accommodate them in bad weather, as well as access to supervised outdoor fenced in areas.


Flooring will be a non slip smooth surface so the goats in wheelchairs and those that wear prosthesis will be able to easily get around.


This will be a draft free goat house with insulation, and windows to allow plenty of sunshine in for those cold winter days, along with cool shade and fans to get out of the hot summer sun.


Room enough for a storage area for the much needed daily medical supplies that we keep on hand. As well as storage for hay, bedding, and equipment. 


We would be so honored to have you be a part of this process. Please help us help them

Your gift is 100% tax deductible, and we are so grateful for your support.


The YouTube video was made so that I could hopefully convey the love and dedication I have for helping these special babies. Please understand that I am not a professional at making videos, it is however from my heart.