A little Nubian named Gelly was 5 months old when she came to us. She is a tetanus survivor. The majority of the time the goat the goat does not survive.

Gelly has beat the odds, she's a strong girl, and the love and care that her previous human has given her I'm sure has helped her. It is very difficult and demanding not only physically, and emotionally, but financially as well to care for a special needs animal 24/7. We know this first hand. After nearly 4 months of intense care & treatments Gelly has stalled in her recovery, and the decision was made to find a sanctuary that can take over the care for her. A very selfless decision on the part of her human owner. When you care for a special needs animal 24/7 there is a bond that is created between the two of you. She will need lifelong care. Gelly cannot move all 4 of her legs. One being severely contracted. Her back legs do not bend at all. We had gotten a tendon release surgery for her contracted front leg with a 50/50 chance that it would be successful and she would be able to use it. Unfortunately, for Gelly it did not work. The tetanus had deprived her muscles and tendons of oxygen for too long. She doesn't know that she is different and she spends her days happily eating her hay with her other disabled brothers and sisters. She can change her position on her own, but she needs to be carried to her chair or bed.

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