This is Forrest. He is a Katahdin sheep. He's what they call a "bummer lamb" (the ewe died after giving birth - she was 12 years old). He came from a sustainable agriculture farm that raises sheep.

They had found the ewe laying in the field and thought she had passed, but then noticed that she was alive, so they got her back to the barn. Thinking that she was not going to make it through the night, yet wanting her to be comfortable.

The next morning (Jan. 1) she had given birth to 2 lambs. One had already passed away, and Forrest was the other. The momma died shortly after. She had never gained any weight, and did not bag up (produce milk) hence' they didn't realize that she was pregnant. Needless to say little Forrest did not receive colostrum that babies need to kick-start their immune system.

At first they thought he may be blind from the way that he was acting, but we're not so sure about that. He seems a little "off" at times, possibly due to his mommas age and lack of teeth that she had, the babies were not getting enough nutrients that they needed.

This may, or may not be something that he just outgrows, but either way, he's "home"

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