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Meet Ebby. Eb is a little Pigmy that was born unable to stand. His momma had taken a little too long to clean him up, and he may have not gotten oxygen as soon as he should have. He was rushed to Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine where stayed for several days getting evaluated. Their diagnosis is below:


"On presentation to Auburn Ebby has apparent neurological deficits. He was unable to stand on all four limbs without collapsing and would have multiple tremors throughout the day. A neurological examination was performed and localized the issue at the cerebellum." They were strongly recommending euthanasia and were giving his momma a deadline to make a decision! Thankfully, she found us and reached out for help.


There is no treatment for this, just supportive care. Your cerebellum controls your coordination, this makes him very wobbly and unable to walk or support hm himself without assistance. Ebby has the same condition as Rocky. CH can affect the body with different severities. He used to use a wheelchair for mobility and to get him in a more sternal position. With daily exercise and as Ebby has grown-he is now able to support himself without the use of a wheelchair! He may be a little wobbly when he walks, but that does not slow this little guy down when he's on a mission. One of our little miracles here at the Sanctuary. 

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