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This is Donatello (Donny). Donny was 2 months old when he came to us. He had developed "Joint Ill", a bacteria that enters the bloodstream and results in the development of swollen joints, lameness and deaths. This bacteria enters the bloodstream through  the navel of newborns or any wound. The fetlocks, knees, hocks, shoulders and stifles are the joints usually affected. In addition to that he had urine scald.

He was misdiagnosed early on by a vet, so the bacteria progressed in his body to the point that he could not stand, and euthanzia was recommended. They said he would never be able to stand or walk again.

I brought him home. I would give him supportive care until he told me he was done. Well, with medication and pain meds, he never said he was done. He fought, and so did I. His urine scald healed. His joint ill ran it's course and left his body. Yes, his joints are big and he will most likely develop arthritis from his ordeal. We can manage that.

He IS standing and he IS walking. He IS a fighter. I wish they (some veterinarians) would just consider giving them a chance instead of dismissing their lives so easily.

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