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We were contacted about a little goat that had a terrible eye issue. It seems the owner had used a caustic dis-budding cream to de-horn a 3 day old baby goat.

 * Dehorning paste typically contains two caustic substances: calcium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide. When applied to the horn bud, the paste causes a chemical burn that destroys horn-producing cells. A thin film about the size of a nickel is all that's required. When horn-producing cells are destroyed, horns don't grow. YES, this is painful!


The result ended in a deformed eye, and burnt ears.

When we received the baby he was 3 months old! Which means he was like this for three months with no medical attention!

His right eye is stretched, but not to the point for surgery. However, the eyelid on his left eye has been stretched upward from the skin healing, leaving his flesh exposed.  He may need several minor surgeries to try and stretch the skin, or possible skin grafting. This poor little guy. he is no longer in pain, and the exposed area is constantly being kept moist with medication.

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