Clyde is a type of Maran and was rescued for two reasons. One obvious reason is his feet. Apparently he was born with curled toes (contracted tendons) that were never corrected, and they are now permanently contracted. The other reason is that he is a rooster. Rooster aren't easily adoptable, no one ever seems to want a rooster in their flock for various reasons. They just seem to get a bad rap. They can be so affectionate.  Fortunately, Clyde found his way to us. Sadly, it's too late to try to correct his feet, but he gets around just fine. Since his toes are curled, he is unable to scratch and wear down his nails. We do have to trim his nails every so often so that they don’t start to curl back into his feet. We also monitor him for Bumble foot, which is a scab that forms on the bottom of the foot. It can be fatal if left unnoticed and not appropriately treated, as the infection can spread to other tissues and bones.

We can't save every rooster, but with your help, we can offer a great life to some lucky enough to make it here.

Become a sponsor for Clyde for only $15 a month and receive special benefits for your support: A personal thank you card, along with a BVFAS  magnet/sticker, and personal updates. After 1 year of sponsorship you will also have access to a private tour for you and a guest.