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Clover is an Alpine breed. We were informed that she had broken her back a few years ago, but with time and medication she healed and was able to get around. She recently went down again, and her previous human medicated her as before, but this time she did not get back up. Since they do not have the time or equipment to help her they called us.

​When Clover came to us, she was bigger than we had anticipated. She apparently has been dragging her back legs around for quite some time, as her skin above her hooves is bald and calloused over.​ I'm not quite sure how this girl was getting around, but it was evident that she was not walking on all 4 legs.

We currently use a harness and ratchet straps (secured to the rafter of the barn) to get her up and into a wheelchair. She's quite mobile in the chair, and you can see that she is so happy to be able to be upright.

She has been evaluated, and we're just not sure if she will get movement again in those back legs. She gets daily physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory medication. We will do whatever we can for her rehabilitation and recovery. Time will tell if she will ever walk on her own again.

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