Chester is short for Winchester. He's a little mix breed of maybe Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy, with a whole lot of cuteness mixed in. He was born with contracted tendons in his back legs that his rescue mom tried to get fixed. Unfortunately, the surgery was unsuccessful. His legs remained contracted. Although his rescue mom loved this boy to pieces, she was unable to provide him with the long term care he would need as he grew. Making this decision is not easy, and finding the forever home is not easy. Fortunately, she reached out to Goats of Anarchy, and they reached out to us. Knowing that Bella View could continue provide him with the care and love he knew. Chester has a great personality, and a sexy little beard to go along with it! He gets around quite easily with the use of a wheelchair. So far, we've seen that he's buddies with Louie. Can you believe it?

By becoming a full sponsor for Chester you will not only have a warm and happy heart knowing that you are helping him, but you will also receive special benefits for your support: A personal thank you card, along with a certificate of sponsorship and photo of your sponsored animal.