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Brandy's story isn't one of abuse, or starvation, not even neglect-she's one of the 'throw aways'. You know, the animal that's of no use to someone so they just get rid of it. Brandy was on her way to be slaughtered. She was posted as available for "meat/slaughter" as she was on her way to the butcher. Why? Well, at 3 years old she could not be bred anymore, therefore she could not have kids to sell, or milk to consume. So to them she was useless. Why? Because Brandy had a traumatic event in her life, that stole her baby's life and prolapsed her uterus, leaving her heartbroken, unable to breed again, and incontinent. So that made her not worthy of life!

To us, Brandy was worth saving without question! No babies-that's fine. No milk, that's fine, Occasional wipe down from urine dribble, that's fine. No matter what your handicap, we will love you unconditionally.

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